The brief for this renovation started with a simple question “Can we have something that looks like a sand dune?” This set the tone for the whole design. Curving the upper east facing wall created a twist on the eastern roofline, reminiscent of the sand dune to the north. A butterfly roof with the spine running north – south adds to the organic style. While the home replicates its surrounds and takes in the impressive views of the coastline, it always honours the occupants need for privacy and gemuetlichkeit.

The build, in both design and material composition, was to have an organic and artistic flair that would be deliberate but subtle. The choice of materials is governed by their natural beauty, durability and ecological values.

Two thirds of all weatherboards are recycled from the demolition of the existing upper floor, wall and roof frame. The rest is complimented by a wider Tallowwood board giving a random look of weatherboard and zinc shadow lines. Pre-weathered zinc is used for the upper cladding, framing the wing like soffits of the roof line.

A seamless flow of cobblestone is laid in a traditional pattern extending from the outside patio to the internal entry space. Making the front door a slider, is giving the home a welcome and open feel.