This home borrows greatly from a Nordic Style of architecture with strong minimalist features in design and material composition. Notably the klip lok roof - wall detail as well as the barestone wall – soffit cladding.

This renovation is to the highest environmental standards in construction and operational considerations. While not exactly a passive house (difficult to achieve in a renovation) it does have all the attributes including a state of the art FANTECH heat recovery system. Double glazed windows, a good balance of thermal mass, insulation and orientation (not typically a consideration in the 70ies) provide for great human comfort winter and summer.

We used 100% recycled concrete on most applications including the driveway. All solid building waste like bricks and roofing tiles were extensively used in filling gabion cages for retaining & landscaping.

This home due to its steep site never had a front yard and very little at the back. It is now fit for purpose to be home for a great family.

The Lighting was designed and supplied by TOVO lighting. It’s a mayor feature of this home which is well lit by clever indirect light sources including the handrail of the helix staircase. All lights, floor heating, HRS are managed through Casambi a wireless lighting control solution.