Palm Road

This is a renovation that isn’t to look like one. The design was by the owners in close collaboration with us. The owner is an engineer by profession and this project shows in many subtle ways where the envelope of what is structurally possible is either taken to its limit, or just challenges the mind (like the glass curtain leading up the stairs).

The base was a structurally well built seventies 2 storey home with the right footprint on the steep east facing block. The upper storey had to be re-modelled to suit the more modern needs of the owners, their large extended family and circle of friends. The roof had to go also, resulting in only the northern and southern walls to be used on this upper floor.

Materials used are, rendered brick (light bagging) for the base, express wall for upper storey, Zinc on the front facade, fascia and barges. Our aim is to learn on all jobs and improve skills and knowledge base. To work with both owners was a wonderful process in creating good design decisions. There is nothing better in building & design, than arriving at a point where the end result can be totally ‘owned’ by everyone involved.