Who we are

We are a family business combining all the essential ingredients required to deliver a top quality home. Our commitment is to design and construct buildings that best reflect concern for this planet and the well being of our clients.

We have extensive experience in the design and construction of sustainable and ecologically friendly buildings.

Our specialty is to tailor to the needs, lifestyle and personality of the owners. This is most effective when it is a design and built project.

With a strong bias towards earth friendly building we pay great importance to

  • active and passive solar design,

  • reed bed sewage systems,

  • low or no chemical use,

  • materials with low embodied energy and

  • an ethical approach to dealing with our clients.

Apart from the above we strongly believe in

  • the beauty of the vernacular - we use local materials especially local hardwoods,

  • a strong emphasis on craftsmanship - we employ a fantastic team of tradespeople,

  • soul qualities within our buildings - you will feel the love and dedication that has gone into achieving the final outcome.

Gisela & Walter

We draw our lessons from traditional wisdom and the latest information on design aspects, new materials & building methods. The results are sophisticated and unique homes.

We believe that principled behaviour is more important than commercial gain. We deliver our designs at a fair price, and offer fixed price or cost plus contracts.

Whether design and build or build only to existing plans, we will make it a pleasant and rewarding experience for you.